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  • Buy FIFA 18

    FIFA 18 is a football display video game in the FIFA series. You can FIFA 18 kaufen which is successful in both as a game and as a business premise because it is fundamentally social. More

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    3D Chess

    If you recall that president Trump won a chess game against a grand-master, I think back in the 90ies then using logical thinking, one has to conclude that president Trump is at least an essential part of Q+. Or do you think that Q is refering to chess 9 times espacially to the match-winning-move D5 […] More

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    How SCOTUS Weaponized the Press Against the People

    #CovCath could be the opportunity of a lifetime to finally overturn the beast that is NYT v Sullivan. Surely, the Supreme Court of the Civil Rights era did not envision a robust and vibrant dialogue on matters of public interest to also feature Media-induced death threats and Twitter mob violence against a group of Catholic schoolchildren for attending a peaceful assembly.  More