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    FAKE NEWS control over those who do not think for themselves limits exposure of TRUTH.

    [D] Party Con.


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    D House focus on POTUS = 'insurance' extension from MUELLER to House.

    GJ testimony underway in several states.

    Attempts to BLOCK/PROTECT themselves will FAIL.

    Far beyond political corruption/sedition.

    Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator?

    Lights on.


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    If a woman is selected as the nominee does that eliminate the wrap up smear re: sexual assault?

    What other tactics might be planned to block and/or force name removal?

    Why is the Senate important?

    Who controls the Senate?


    Enjoy the show.


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    "With all of the success that our Country is having, including the just released jobs numbers which are off the charts, the Fake News & totally dishonest Media concerning me and my presidency has never been worse. Many have become crazed lunatics who have given up on the TRUTH! The Fake News will knowingly lie and demean in order make the tremendous success of the Trump Administration, and me, look as bad as possible. They use non-existent sources & write stories that are total fiction. Our Country is doing so well, yet this is a sad day in America! The Fake News Media in our Country is the real Opposition Party. It is truly the Enemy of the People! We must bring honesty back to journalism and reporting!"

    Compare & Contrast.

    Ring a Bell?

    Think Drop Yesterday.

    >New narrative created

    >Refusal to provide coverage of successes

    Why is this important?

    Sometimes making a connection leads to uncovering ……


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    Program dev ongoing under offshore [not domestic] 'tangent' agency?

    Covert funding?

    Animals > Humans

    Humans 1988

    71% avg success rate.

    Targeted (mental) 'criteria' designated as [ , ].

    Mental institutions & therapists > 'program-specialists'…..

    Cocktail regimen 4x daily brain intercept [administered by ]


    WIA military personnel targets of the program?


    Clandestine Black OPs > zero affiliation (non_stick)

    Something out of a movie?


    The hole is deep.


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    "The treachery revealed by Comey, Clapper, and Brennan requires accountability. That can only happen through a federal grand jury investigation headed by John W. Huber, the U.S. Attorney in Utah who has been appointed to investigate the FISA criminality by the Obama FBI and DOJ."


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