Anonymous49: test

vmD3Ston4r: #2299 Splash1-X AIRG_patrol_HIGH Check_in_Z[des_TFC]381 Q

Anonymous58: roger

vmD3Ston4r: Pivate comms up delta [0]

vmD3Ston4r: link check Alpha - Chat image

vmD3Ston4r: atdt 1-800-867-5309

vmD3Ston4r: ats0=1

vmD3Ston4r: get secure BBS and external bauds up

vmD3Ston4r: wipe serial on USRobotics bauds

vmD3Ston4r: 53.3k should do for speeds

vmD3Ston4r: virtual BBS VMs needed site

vmD3Ston4r: 0ver

vmD3Ston4r: 0ut

Anonymous78: Understood.

Zero: Just us for now.

KFZkwR9qdx: Hello patriots!

ykdEewhjYt: God bless #America. God bless #Patriots. God bless #Qanons. God bless the #World. #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight

HXcFM4xGlg: God Bless all Patriots

yfTQAdvLLA: test

2b4736: confirm

2b4736: Test Quebec - Confirm test seq end. over

2b4736: ID enroute

2b4736: Comms back up - confirm [0]

2b4736: >>5402283 With Armor and Light I stand by the ready! I pray for US patriots every day. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!

2b4736: >>5408817 12 Q’s like the 12 Apostles?

2b4736: This fight is real

Petrichor: Indeed it is.

Petrichor: Comms up.

Petrichor: Addressing VBBS/VMs/Baud.

1ndym23wFir3: Hello fellow patriots!

1ndym23wFir3: I am new here. Gonna take a little bit to get used to this new format.

Petrichor: Hello 1ndym23wFir3.

Petrichor: Were working on it. Q post updates should be back up and running within 24hrs.

Petrichor: Trying to keep the format as vanilla as possible, while maintaining familiarity for the anons, and providing a smooth delivery mechanism for the normies.

Petrichor: The storm is coming. Chat image

2b4736: Roger @Petrichor

2b4736: over - out

I Spy With My Little Eye: Hi there, Im a newbie and was wondering if someone would check out my clock proof for todays date and post from 11.2.18 #2394?

Zero: war room set to private