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What does FEAR look like?

What does PANIC look like?

What does CONTROL look like?

What does COORDINATION look like?

What does FAKE NEWS look like?


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How a right-wing conspiracy theory is going mainstream | CNN

Among the attendees of President Trump’s rally in Florida were people holding up signs promoting an online right-wing conspiracy persona – who’s been targeting movie stars and the Democratic Party alike.

Political Cornflakes: Thought Pizzagate was weird? QAnon is like the triple-decker meatlovers’ version of bizarre conspiracy theories.

Happy Thursday! The QAnon movement got its start last October, pivoting off a cryptic comment by President Donald Trump. Sen. Lee argues free speech in the latest gun-rights dust-up. And a new SLC Airport is taking shape amid a $3.6 billion redo.

QAnon: What’s the truth behind a pro-Trump conspiracy theory?

A bizarre and complicated conspiracy theory has spread from the internet to President Trump’s rallies.

QAnon, the scarily popular pro-Trump conspiracy theory, explained

How a conspiracy theory that Trump (and Robert Mueller) were saving the world from cannibal pedophiles got from 4chan to Trump rallies to Donald Trump himself.

What is the QAnon conspiracy theory?

A conspiracy theory that explains everything and nothing simultaneously takes off among Trump fans.

The Strange Case of QAnon (Published 2018)

A fringe online movement makes a front-and-center appearance at a televised event for President Trump.

QAnon: Behind the conspiracy theory cropping up at Trump rallies – National |

Supports of an online conspiracy theory known as QAnon are starting to show up at Trump rallies, where they tout their fringe movement with T-shirts and placards.

How the false, fringe ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theory aims to protect Trump

In the crowd at President Trump’s rally in Tampa on Tuesday night were supporters who believe in a conspiracy theory claiming that a shadowy cabal within the U.S. government is at war with Trump — and that he will soon purge the country of these people.

The pro-Trump conspiracy theory known as ‘QAnon’ has moved from the fringes of the internet to feature prominently at Trump rallies

Believers in the “QAnon” conspiracy theories are increasingly making their presence known offline, including at President Donald Trump’s rallies.

Chris Cuomo floats INSANE QAnon conspiracy theory, gets called out | Blaze Media

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is getting desperate. Last night the TV host channeled Alex Jones, perhaps in a bid to increase his humiliating ratings, and floated a nutty theory that Trump may be signaling to followers of QAnon. Trump “has his people at his rally that look for the number 17 as signs of truth,” …

QAnon, the Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorists, Now Believe JFK Jr. Faked His Death to Become Their Leader

Believers used to think someone close to Trump was leaving them clues to the president’s plan to defeat the deep state. Now they’ve got an even crazier idea.

Who is Q? Behind conspiracy theory erupting at Trump rallies

Amid the “Trump 2020” placards, the “Women for Trump” signs and the “CNN SUCKS” T-shirts, the most inscrutable message that came out of Donald Trump’s Tampa rally on Tuesday evening was a letter: Q.

What You Need to Know About Far-Right Conspiracy QAnon

The QAnon movement is growing in popularity and stemmed from the darker corners of the web like 4chan, 8chan, and subreddits.


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What-And Who-Is QAnon?

QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory that believes there is an anti-Trump deep state plot, being exposed online by an anonymous leader named Q.



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